Units A01-A05, Floor 8, Tower 2, Beijing INN Plaza, Dongshuijing Lane, Dongcheng District, Beijing, China

As a member of Tian Lan Intellectual Property and Legal Service Group, Tian Lan Intellectual Property Agency shares and implements core values of the Group:


 Group Competence + Customer Orientation


We firmly believe that our own capability is the cornerstone of our services, and have always adhered to this belief since the founding of Tian Lan Intellectual Property Agency. It is commonly agreed among our team that, no matter what kind of service we are about to provide, optimal results shall always be brought to clients on the basis of our strong expertise. To turn this statement into action, we firstly consolidate our core strength by our managing members who are senior practitioners in patent, trademark or copyright sectors with rich experience and deep insight, and have received wide recognition for their expertise and exceptional services among clients throughout their career. Moving from what we have already achieved, we consistently pursue the ever growing strength of the entire team, with a focus on both scale and capability. On the one hand, we proactively recruit talents showing potential and an interest in IP practices; on the other hand, we seriously implement staff training and quality control. As our basic strategy, any work is to be carried out through collaboration among new and more experienced colleagues under the unified supervision of managerial members. In this process, not only the overall quality of teamwork can be ensured, but also newcomers are exposed to actual practice to boost their ability from their very first day in the company, thereby fusing new vital forces to the team.


We keep in mind that intellectual property services are complex and require multi-dimensional integration of law, technology and commerce. Therefore, sound results must come from full understanding of clients’ needs, detailed planning of feasible tactics, and constructive implementation of ideas into practice. In serving clients with diverse scales and characteristics, from promising high-tech start-ups to the world’s leading multinational companies, from academic research institutions willing to commercialize their research to cultural and creative enterprises sensitive to the protection of their vital IP rights, we carefully listen to clients’ voice, firmly grasp the values they care about, closely communicate with our clients in an insightful approach, and thereby tailor optimal solutions. From such a solid foundation, we build our confidence in satisfying our clients by yielding the best return to their IP investment.


Looking into the future, we will stick to our core value of Group Competence + Customer Orientation, and explore new market opportunities to create greater value in the intellectual property industry through our quality services with ever extending reach.