Units A01-A05, Floor 8, Tower 2, Beijing INN Plaza, Dongshuijing Lane, Dongcheng District, Beijing, China

We have rich experience in handling patent-related affairs, and are able to provide comprehensive patent services to a wide range of clients. Moreover, our well-established partnerships with law firms and IP agencies in the United States, the European Union, Japan, Korea, Russia and many more countries and regions have allowed us to bring global opportunities to our clients on the international platform of patent. Our patent services include:

  •    Prior art retrieval and patent search

  •    Technical solution patentability analysis

  •    Patent protection layout design

  •    Domestic patent application drafting and filing (invention, utility model & design)

  •    Foreign patent application drafting and filing

  •    Patent re-examination and invalidation

  •    Patent infringement analysis and dispute

  •    Patent maintenance

  •    Patent license and technical transfer

  •    Patent customs recordal

  •    Other patent related affairs